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Friday, May 2, 2008


Hi Reader!,

Its raining in my mirage. It has been nearly four years since i wanted to have a web log with my name inscribed all over.But being born indolent it had remained a dream. Anyway every dog will have its day and i think the day has come for me to announce "hello world.. i have just arrived". There was a time when i used to believe that blogs are for those uncles with bonnet glasses who write geeky stuff in greek and latin, and now its time for me to become one of those bonnet clad uncles and write the geeky stuff!!! And i am here to stay and bore you people with all the philosophies i think, movies i watch(of course not all ;-)), books that i read, things that made me wonder, chicks whom i saw, dreams that i had, broccoli's that i ate, people who i met and live that i had just lived!!!!

PS: Right from my sixth grade when i learnt about africa i got hooked to it(maybe its coz of the mam we had :0) . I still hold a crazy idea of having a honeymoon in the tropical forests of south africa . And that made me name the blog in zulu - amazwi meaning voices and Amukela means welcome! are welcome to hear my voices and put down yours!)


Umesh Karthy Loganda said...

too much african connection... i still remember that CROSS (X) wooden thing of your dad that i broke in your house... if i am not wrong, it was from Ethiopia.. Rite?

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

ya man.. my dad doesn't know the culprit yet.. he reads my blog n now u hv let the cat out of the bag :)

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