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Saturday, May 3, 2008

!st anniversary

It has been a year since i broke from my cocoon and fell into the real world, a year so special, a year which broke the monotony, a year which made new friendships, new revelations , new preferences and in a kind was a redux which reinvented life.It has exactly been a year since i reached chennai.

3/5/2007.It all started with a travel in the midnight with two other guys who were so obsessed in speaking with their girlfriends they didn't mind if their destination was chennai/mumbai/newyork/dubai but I being the loner of the lot had no other options but to start dreaming bout chennai.(Btw. i was heading to chennai as i had found my bread and butter there, i was upto join a elite brigade of people who had two horns... the so called S/W engineers)Beileve it or not, being in TN it was the first time i was travelling towards chennai in my life which had spun 21 years then.(When i say this ppl give the you-just-stepped-over-the-dung looks...i dont know why!) As i was dreaming, it had started to rain outside, a rain in the middle of the summer was that a welcome note?.After a journey that lasted for a life time i had finally arrived. The sight that i saw defined me life @ chennai. It was a rainy morning and the time was just nearing six and there was a huge chunk of people standing in the bus stop opp guindy rly.station. A very normal sight for a chennai-vaasi but for a person like me brought up in madurai (A City which prefers to be a village) and educated in coimbatore(A village which tries to evolve into a city) the sight was out of proportions. I felt like i was buffalo which has just took the wrong highway and finally reached the city and still confused if it could shit in the roads.But anyway i loved the sight, sight of people, people and more people- all busy and careless, in a way it was the kinda place i always wanted to be in.(the bigger the crowd the louder the applause!!) I stood at the bus station adoring the city's sight of beautiful school girls , police cars as in hollywood movies, people with energy, live was just spilling out on the street and rain water spilling over the head, just as you see in the movies it was a perfect love-at-first-sight-for me.

But just as in any other love it did not take much time for truth to hit the belly, the auto wala who cheated us for some extrabucks, the crappy office accomodation which was actually built for King Thomas VII in 1873, and at last the may month heat which was a little less than the temperature on the outer core of the sun me(and made me dress like mallika sherawat for the entire month) were very much a part of chennai's DNA. But as i had seen a lot of vikraman movies(who makes romantic movies about a man in pluto and a women in staurn and releases it in earth)i could never imagine hating my love at any cost. So i am here to stay fall in love with the city truly, madly, deeply.

3/5/08. As i am writing this post i still feel the same love that i felt for chennai a year back.There is a lot more chennai to be explored.To be continued..

PS:Sorry guys i forgot to introduce the two guys who travelled with me one was sakthi who would turn out to be the greatest lover of all times and other was deva who would turn out to be the greatest intha-pullaiyum-paal-kudikuma char. of all times.


Krishna said...

hey dude
I was goin through my orkut profile visits when i saw a familiar blog updated name out there(U can understand y its familiar after seein my orkut screen name too). I was free and went throught your first and second posts. Nice work dude. May your love with chennai continue. ur third post was tooooo big for my patience. Sorry abt tht. Will read that when i have time


Vignesh.r(edux) said...

Hi krishna...

Chennai will stay close to my heart forever...thanks for dropping in..

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