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Sunday, March 1, 2009


There are hundreds of books filling in my little library, books that I grew up with, books that made me grow up, books which fulfilled my secret desires of adolescence, books those made me think beyond my adolescence, books with beautiful women on the covers, old and brown books with strands missing in the middle, books which remain as just a complex jumble of words, books through which I learnt life, books through which I learnt nothing, books bought for mere pride and books bought with the excess of money, books cutting through the interwoven lines of languages, genres, tastes and changing preferences over the ages. There are hundreds of books filling in my little library, and then there is The Fountainhead. It is not just a book , it is a soul resting in my bookshelf, a book with a mystic eye which keeps looking at me, a book which guides me, a book which threatens me, a book which parodies all my foolishness and my hypocrisies, a book which came to me in the time when I was searching for a foothold, an collective expression of my philosophies, a vision through which I am going to look at the world beyond, an inspiration, a platform on which im going to build my future upon, a hidden vault of energy which is going to help me live my life as it should be Lived. “Ayn rand” a name I never heard months back is now a name which im never gonna forget all my life.

Fountainhead is the story of this orange haired man Howard Roark, the Man,self-made, self-sufficient, self-confident architect who lives by his own rules, who is hated for being himself, who can never be hurt, who can never be influenced, who will remain himself at any cost, who has learnt the virtues of being selfish, the bench-mark of a man, an end of all ends. The story is the story of Roark’s triumph amidst the repression, the story of a man against everyone. And his love for his woman, Dominique Francon, according to me she is the perfect woman whom I have ever seen/read about, a woman matching the integrity of Roark, a woman who lives her life for herself and for no one else, a woman as a woman should be, who loves Roark so much that she sets out to destroy him. The story is about the people who connect with Roark and Dominique who from rigid frameworks of all the different kind of people who make up the rest of the world, i.e the rest of us, Peter Keating a successful architect, an example of the kind of man that the world wants, the man who could never be a real man, everything that is opposite to Roark, fake and fragile, Ellsworth Toohey,an example to the men/worms who dictate our age old rules and morals, a so called intellect, an evil who hides behind collectivist and altruist masks, a poisoned soul, a second hander and finally comes Gail Wynand a newspaper mogul, an example of the rest who are caught between the fight of the man whom you are and whom you want to become, who is aware of what he is but still who prefers to be what he is, a manipulator of the masses, A man who could have been one. Through them and the other people with whom we live in the torch lit streets of New york of the early 1900’s for nearly 700+ pages, Ayn rand in a subtle way and prepares us to question everything, every single rule that prevents humanity, she teaches us to defy and inspires us to live a life, a selfish life, a life in which I don’t I don't think of you but about myself, a life which can only be true if I live for myself.

The fountainhead, a book written as it should be, a book from which you can either find all the meanings or find nothing, a book that helps you understand you first, a inward travel through which we reach the very essence of human beliefs and standing on the peak of all our believes, you question everything, YES everything that has been said and done and when the questions fetch no answers we invent them, the real answers which are hidden deep down inside. Ayn Rand teaches you her philosophy through Roark, the philosophy of Objectivism which states “proper moral purpose of one's life is the pursuit of one's own happiness or rational self-interest by being selfish”. Living in a world that asks/pleads/threatens us to live its rules/beliefs/wishes/morals, the book opens the all the hidden fountains in the brain and there flows a rivers of thoughts, “Why should I fall prey to others peoples dreams?”, “Why should I forego my dreams myself in the name of sacrifice when im gonna regret it all my life?”, ”Why cant everybody agree that every human is selfish by nature?”,”Why should I live by every rule that were set even before my birth? Why shouldn’t I invent them?” more and more thoughts keep flowing that washes away all the beliefs that your inner mind had always awaited to break. A few days back when I was down, when I was sinking and acting crazy I saw The fountainhead staring at me from the shelves, I felt ashamed, the mere sight of the book brought me back with myself. Can a book influence so much that you fear it?, The fountain head does. The time when I spent reading the book, I was at my best, the clarity that it induced in my thoughts when I read it was like an enlightenment, I judged myself better and found where I stood and where I wanted to move from here. whenever I feel losing out with myself, I keep the closed book in front of the eye and I stare at it, some chemistry unveils and peace sets in. That is the magic that this little book has done in my life, I believe the book was written for me to read it someday. A good book has no real ending, the book never ended in me, it began in me, as a never ending search. Im still haunted with the book, ill be for a lifetime till then ill visit Roark in his little office at the Dana, ill stand by his side looking at him draw his sketches, when he is busy drawing the angular lines on paper ill be staring at the majestic shadows of New York, ill wait till the wind gets colder, ill wait till he gives an indifferent glare at me, ill cherish the moment and ill get back to my reality just to make it better and to make it mine.

Thanks Asha, for introducing me to the epic called Ayn Rand.


Alphonsa said...

Haven't read the book da! :(
So nothing much to say!
But man... Just loved the way you have written it all. Your style- i marvel at it! :)
//Can a book influence so much that you fear it?, The fountain head does.// Makes me wanna read it! :)

personally though i love the posts that are entirely your thoughts and musings than reviews, i think.

Sandy said...

Hey, The Fountainhead made me ask myself a zillion questions which made me realize who I really am and what a fake face I put on in front of others - at work, at my room - and why the hell can't I just be as I am, like Rowark. Why can't I be as confident, as strong, as honest to myself, as Rowark is? I found no answers - I guess it is because I have never thought of questioning "the system", though I now doubt if there is a system in place at all. And yes, I felt that "the book is watching me" fright as well. After reading, the book made me feel like I have a dirty past - a past in which I haven't been myself...

It was an awesome review of the book. Great to read... :-)

ArchFULLY said...

This is my most fav book...
Your review of the book captured the essence of the book in its true spirit...Kudos!!

Vignesh said...

Guys, this is not a review of sorts, i aint nobody to review great art :) these r biased opinions bout a book that touched me deep :)

//Your style- i marvel at it! :)

its tough to keep thinkin n write personal stuff, so it has to be occasional reviews :)

Glad to know that there r lots who were disturbed by the FH...

//Why can't I be as confident, as strong, as honest to myself, as Rowark is?
True the "Why?" leads to more why's n lets not stop them from comin...

and its true...i don want FH to end up as just another book that i ve read...n nw i ve kept FH on my table so i dont miss looking at it everyday, just a entle remainder to the reality that we try to evade..


//Your review of the book captured the essence of the book in its true spirit

hmmm thanks... i personally thought it could have been better im glad tat it reminded u of the spirit that the book holds... thanks arch...

Siladitya said...

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Haiku Poems said...

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The Seeker said...

Makes me want to read the book, Like the one post, that prompted me to read The Life of Pi...

Good review..

Abubaker said...

The best book I have ever read. :)

Recently, when someone asked Ramgopal varma (in his blog) about two best books by Ayn Rand..he replied.."Read fountainhead twice".

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