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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Bachelors nest - II

let me finish off with this,

ideaYou may be the sort of guy who reads mostly Douglas Adams and hears only Amy Winehouse or Pink Floyd. You may be the hippest guy in town, but never dare to address your rommies as "hey dude" or "buddy", it is like calling them as M**F** or A*H*. Stick to your roots. Remember: Acquaintances are "dudes" but real friends are always mamas and machans.(pudhiya thatuvam 2054, note-pannungada!!)

ideaWhatever the stakes maybe never ever bring your most beloved bike and PC to a room which is a host for 8 another dummies. Plz don ask me why! but never ever bring em, no guys i am not crying, really I AM NOT CRYING.

ideaHowever tempting it maybe, never try to over hear a phone con. between your roomie and his GF. Better watch Veerasami for the umpteenth time. Believe me nothing can be more boring than that, no not even Harman Baweja's face. A sample piece- evanga- hey ennapanra, avanga-nee sollu, evenga- nee first sollu, ....after some 35mins avanga-nee sollu, evenga- nee first sollu (Add maane, thene, ponmaane inbetween).... why blood?, same blood.

ideaYou may buy copies of Businesstoday, outlook, or even a cosmopolitan. But vannathirai will be the most sought after and will win hands down.

ideaRegarding boozing. The amount of beer in-taken by a person will be inversely proportional to his annoyance quotient, and directly proportional to the number of omlets that he mouths(Che!!). And also the more serious that one behaves after a booze the more he looks like a joker.

ideaPlanning doesn go well with bachelorhood. The more you plan of going for a treat of your roomies @ Le'royal meridian the more are the chances that you will end up eating the same old parotta in the same old rottu-kada(street-shop). The more you expect it to be a peaceful night the more are the chances that you will endup in mayajaal watching good-for-nothing flicks. When you are a bachelor life just happens.

ideaIt is not advisable to discuss issues of national importance such as Ajith-a?-Vijay-a?, why dasavatharam sucks, in the company of 8 other guys, Coz mere words, will lead to ego clashes and end-up in bloodshed and destroying the property of most annoying mammal on earth(read our house owner). under such circumstances a single question can bring silence and make people disperse , Should India really sign the nuclear proliferation treaty?

ideaYour roomie is a S/W engineer and you see him sayin in chaste and local tamil "Dey mappi, vakkali Project manager kadiya podranda, Sotta k** avana..." suddenly he gets a call, in a jiffy he shifts to his American English "hey dude, wazzup man, i was jus nou discussion bout dat..". Plz don be amazed. S/W engineers are reptiles of some kind.

here we come to the end of draft-2, i haven written all, and if you have somethin to add about bachelor life please feel free. These may seem like hardships, but they arent. The carelessness and restlessness are very much a part of bachelor life, and if you can put friendship before everything else then these are just noteworthy happenings!. And if you are my roommate reading this then "Macha, sorry if I made ourselves look like a bunch of losers, it was not intentional, it was written for the sake of those in the blog-o-sphere who read whatever crap I write, I love you all, long live THE GODZ". twisted

PS:But why suddenly a post on bachelor life?? coz this may be the last week of my bachelor life with my bunch of favorite dummies. cry(No speculations, I am not getting married, i was just born 22 yrs ago, this may be the last week coz i am trying 4 a transfer!!)


The N03 said...

Good one Vignesh..the second part really tells how amazing bachelor life is in all its varied problems it has attached with it.
btw getting married huh? :)

My Musings said...

First! why a sad note one ending!

Y! morons in blog-o-sphere! well u S/W engg adapt well!!!

"When you are a bachelor life just happens" - beautifully said,

And the fun is more, when u dont drink and guys try to get you drunk! hey and some note on side-dishes etiquette is real fun!

So u getting married da???

Animated Junk said...

Wen u r bachelor life jus happens.
Beautiful lines
a shamelessly proud admittance of facts ;)
funny posts

Vignesh said...


Agreed dude, no pains though:) and me gettin married??? God i am just 22 now and u wan me to get trapped so early? what did i do to u?:)


Saaaad? you know why!!
ya even i found that offensive:) that was to console my red-faced roomies:), now its taken aback!

And forcing people drink is the cruelest thing i have ever seen after abu-gharib prison torture, but its real fun watching it :))

marriage? u too? U KNOW WHY!!:)


It just happens coz we are too lazy to make it happen ;P!!

And shamelsss-YES but proud?- i am not sure:)).

@all the above
thanks for dropping in:)

Revathi said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! Hilarious. Had fun reading this and i m surprised ur roomies let u alive to write a part II!! :)
Just read both the parts today. and no 3rd part?? :(
//coz this may be the last week of my bachelor life with my bunch of favorite dummies.

are u like getting married or something?? :P
kidding!! :)

raj said...

Hi Vignesh,
I'm a victim of this too. I had a casio keyboard, a guitar, a sony 5200 PMPO music system, a two wheeler, a PC and the only guy who was earning in an abode of useless , god knows hoe many people room. All were childhood friends.

Here's the beauty. I got ridiculed to play the keyboard, never ever i had my hands while all of them were there. They played it (actually, they walked on the keyboard), the PC was used to watch thousands of porn movies and other b-grade movies, a two wheeler that would be missing when u want them, your belt, your favourite shirt goes missing too. And we even marked our under-wear with initials to protect from people who would stop short of wearing them in any case.

And have i missed the part where we get into the house saying 4 people and end up multiplying the count. (said to the house owner X 3 times).

Every thing said, those were the glorious days. rocked.

Vignesh said...

Ya i believe they have already devised a plan to silence me:).. (but guyz not a stone when i sleep:P)

thanks 4 d idea! partIII will be out if am still alive..

marriage? Gal im jus 22! show some mercy. Its a transfer!


Ha..ha im still laughing, marking ur underwear is a GREAT idea let me propose it in my room!!:)
bringing a keyboard to a bachelors room was ur mistake.. admit it:) am wondering bout the good times u would have had:P

And i missed it.. we were 5 intially and now the count has doubled(tripled at times) but still the owner believes we are 5 of us!! ;)

Prabhakar said...

Fun to read.Was reminded of my college hostel days.

Vignesh said...


Ya, beautiful days they are, thanks 4 visiting:)..

Anu said...

Are your roomies still talking to you after this.. if they have a gf, she might be reconsidering :D!!
Lol on everything btw

Vignesh said...

anu, i believe their options are thin!! some are actually happy for the cheap publicity:)), and reg the GF thing, etho ennala mudija samooka sevai:P

Thanks 4 dropping in!!

raj said...

Ha..ha im still laughing, marking ur underwear is a GREAT idea let me propose it in my room!!:)

I need a royalty :)

bringing a keyboard to a bachelors room was ur mistake.. admit it:) am wondering bout the good times u would have had:P

It was terrific man. Not one day passed for 5 years without a laugh.

uma kumar said...

congrats... u r tying the knot(to ur gf?)
ur post is hilarious...had good laught at the way u narrate things

Vignesh said...

uma, please don say that to me!! :( No marriage and stuff, its a transfer:)

ant said...

Me having been to ur house once, was grappling for a chance, wen u wud disguise any of the facts... But buddy u were way too altruistic :P I seriously advise you to consider writing 'My experiments with truth - II' :)..And one last question 'Are ur friends practicing Gandhigiri?' :P

Vignesh said...

anto, over nakkala illa??:) 'Are ur friends practicing Gandhigiri??'who cares..:P, no one reads my blog so i am at my freedom to write whatever:)

Deepak said...

"i believe their options are thin!! some are actually happy for the cheap publicity:))"

What does it mean??
i dont understand

>>Jass<< said...

haha nice one dude! ;)

uma kumar said...

good that u corrected ur post i mean abt the transfer part....
then why the title " bachelor nest "
u ll remain single wherever u r transferred right? continue to be in bachelorhood?
there is some disconnection

Vignesh said...

Thanks man!!:)

I had written " this may be the last week of my bachelor life with my bunch of favorite dummies"... it maybe the last week with my friends as a bachelor but i still remain one:)

Naga said...

did you ever had a chance to mention about the toilet in your house in the post..

If so, your post has to be rated AAAA, for portraying obscenity..

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