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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Heaven, Inc.

U guessed it right this is a Nightwatchman! and to know what a nightwatchman does in ma blog read this

y popular request(!) uploading a short film that we made in college days. Heaven, Inc. a.k.a "I had a dream last night" was one of the most ambitious project of ours(yes better than all the Java and .Net projects that we had done in college!wink).It was a movie made by a bunch of young men who roamed around with no real plans, when life was too boring they decided to make this so called short film titled Heaven.Inc.Adapted from a short story of mine(ahem..) it did turn a few eyebrows @ college. Now years later it looks a bit kiddish, but for a bunch of techies like us and at an Engg college level this looks like a decent attempt.No more ranting or blowing trumpets:).. You better play the film and decide it for yourself!Umesh if you are reading this, thanks for the voice:), I am still reminded of the fun we had during the making.

(Disclaimer: 1.The movie does have some clippings "copied and pasted" from popular Hollywood flicks don't be amused if you find it, no points for you!!, and 2.there is this guy called Vignesh(find me first!) starring in the movie so it is not advisable to watch with elder people or kids by your side.3.Don't get carried away by the build-up, watch it after you zero your expectations 4.Audio output is low, plz increase your speaker volume)

Plot summary

Circa.2005 A.D, the world is suffering, the unthinkable is happening, abnormality is setting in, Tsunami was just days back, the Arctic ice-belt was seen melting at dangerous proportions, heavy rains have made normal life an impossible task. Nature has unleashed all her forces which question the very existence of mankind.So Why are we suffering? why is the world becoming too dangerous to survive? the answers are not very far...Watch it for yourself,

continues here..

Thanks for your time, and if you need an autograph please form a queuetwisted. Jus kidding.

The movie just proposes a conspiracy theory! Y cant it be true? so did u like it??


uma kumar said...

first day first show...
I m here first to see it
kuselan can wait
but i could watch till title of the film...was remarkable
there is some problem..some faces appear...
i ll try to see it again

now i know why u want to go to cannes

raj said...

Good one. i thought heavens were a dull place and i had always thought hell was more active and for us techies, hell is more appropriate. So heaven is a datacenter + doomsday center :)

The film was good. The editing was spot on. And who was that light man....?

Whats happening to bloggers. i am writing dialogues for T, you might have read it. Do you have any more movies in mind,we could collaborate together?

Anonymous said...

Nanri sonnadukku romba nanri!!
Anyways... I completely accept with the words that "for a engg student, its a decent attempt"...

If i think of the mess we made after not getting the price for this... Childish!!! ( Which college ws it? )

Anonymous said...

dude... this popup comment window is not nice... and further more, i cant comment here with my own identity.. i needs me to signin in the main window and refresh here. Y all this?
Change to the old model man.

barath said...

Da Just got reminded of "The wannabe cinematographer"


Vignesh said...


Is this a prelude 4 cannes? Kindal thana venandrathu!! :) I watched kuselan and be happy u took the right decision... this is 1000K times better:)

Thanks bro,).. and yes i do have another short story of mine:) why not we collaborate on that...U mean they guy on the night mode? It was me..:)

Thanks da, and that was Karunya !! damn it, sema BULB-Da!!And yes ill chk out the comments thing:)

da thank god that i didn become one:)

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