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Sunday, June 15, 2008


In the sport of cricket, a nightwatchman is a is a lower-order batsman who's job is to maintain most of the strike until the close of play and so protect other, more capable batsmen from being out cheaply in what may be a period of tiredness or in poor light.And that is what exactly this post is doing for my Blog :)

[Scribbled on 13th June]
Imagine you got tonsillitis, and there is this freakin chilled bottle of coke placed in front of you, what would you do next?
a) Avoid it.
b) Drink it- let it aggravates your tonsils, a cruel pain develops in your throat, high fever and body ache can join in as supplements, you cant drink, eat or even speak, not to mention that you don't have the luxury to shave or bath :( - you soon dissipate a rotten smell and people leave you alone behind locked doors, all you got to eat will be a few slices of outdated milka bread and the rat-poison that your bachelor friend makes in the name of "rasam".

Given the options what will you choose? i am sure if you were evolved from homosapiens, you would choose a, but still i give you two more options
1)You gotta go to work next morning
2)You are BENCHED

So now you know what i chose! Yup it was 2.b (I was BENCHED so I Drank it) and that is the reason why i am suffering so much, it is cruelty at its very best! .

Sickness really makes you forget the world around you(not really!). Yesterday my temperature was at some 102 degrees with no more pills left, i just decided to sleep. Going to bed i was a bit compounded with thoughts, i mean really tormented thoughts. But as i felt the temperature was rising all these thoughts started to wither off from me, slowly i felt my mind was free of emotions it was kinda blank,i couldn't feel anything, as the suffering increases i felt all the earthly feelings soon left me like the feathers leaving a bird, i could see a bright white light just filling my thoughts, i was feeling something else, something more powerful, something more intriguing, i mean...... i could sense GOD!! Ya he was there amidst the light he was traversing towards me with a calm visage, and a divine smile, my sickness was my gateway to god, he was coming down and down towards me and i was like feeling the entire universe, it was so bright a white that it looked like heaven, he was so close to me, i was nearly floating, he gently caressed my hair and opened his mouth to say "SON..". It was then I heard my phone ringing somewhere in earth.

Me - Hello

- Hello sir, this is pradeep calling on behalf of ABN AMRO bank regarding personal loan..

Me- Can i say somethin pradeep.....Please Go F***********************K yourself!

So now you know how my meeting with god ended! :(***********************************

PS: I know that was Baaaaad but still i gotta write something, for the past one week i wrote so much,that every time i read it i just cried or felt like hanging myself. This was the BEST of the LOT. There is this lesson that i learnt when you feel like shit, better write about shit!!

[15th June]
God i am still not out of this Writers-block [Shut up,, i can hear you laughing]. And for sure a bedridden week would not serve as a good inspiration. So do pray for me!!!

And Guys i saw this ad(old one though), going through the Cannes Lions website. I just have three words for it Wow.wOw.woW.
Its too funny, it registers the the brand in the minds of the viewers and also creates a visibility for the ad agency. what else do you expect. Please switch on your speakers.I was amazed watching this, how about you?


uma kumar said...

take the Tag
U ll feel better

My Musings said...

Was that a writer’s block or blogger’s block.Dude tell u sth, the best way to overcome temptation s yielding into it.

Indeed a good night watchman.

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