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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Chicks, mails, brokers and dilbert

Everyone rambles, so do Iwink..

1) I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed watching a movie. I mean i was not into those "feel-good" movies for a long time. All I watch is crude stuff (read serious movies which move at the pace of live), and there is no comedy or feel good tag attached to those movies. My roommates say that its real fun watching me when i am into movies, I believe I look like a P.Chidambaram staring at the inflation index, or like someone who has just lost his wife (do ppl really worry for that?? ). Cant help it though!!, those are movies for the thinking man.(ahem..) And seriously I wish some day my roommates (8 of em) watch some Iranian, Mexican movies in my collection. Esp. I hate this guy(read Mr. Singapore) when he downloads stuff like 10000BC, Kung-fu panda, fantastic four I feel like hitting him with a iron rod :)). Anyway tastes differ. So were was I? Yes feel-good movies, I watched “Sleepless in Seattle” today. And liked It, my admiration grows for Tom hanks; be it the loner in castaway, or the naive Mr. Gump, or the brilliant Langdon unraveling the Da vinci code, Hanks is brilliant. And he proves that he is a master in romance (you've got mail was good too). I am not a sucker for romantic comedies and "Chick"-flicks (so the post title is now reasoned), but I like them. Pretentious, dreamy, formulatic but like sugar caught up under the tongue; they are swweet.

2)When you are reading this, i would have successfully completed my fourth week on bench. Take it from me getting bench is a curse disguised as a boon. At times when i get up in the morning and see people getting ready and leaving for office i feel totally lost. Who am I?, Where I am? What am I doing here? and it takes quite some time to accept the truth that I am jobless with a job. I have an office which I never visit, I have an id card which I never wear, I have colleagues whom I never meet, I get salary for the work I never do, I live in an illusion (Irruku aana illa!). The only means by which I connect to the corporate is by checking ma mails!. Mails from the HR regarding visit of a Gynecologist, mails from NSS regarding the resolving of critical outage in the metro cloud (Damn it!!), mails from workforce regarding opportunities in the US of A(romba mukkiyam!), and mails from old colleagues with title on the likes of-****Super hot still from MAXIM july***Be-careful-when-opening**** wink and it is these mails that console me. I get mails; therefore i am still a part of the company :).

3)We have been searching for a new house and my hate for these ugly-shameless-sick creatures is growing by the day. Guess who? who else THE BROKERS(read house brokers:)) the way they speak, the way they cheat it just raises my BP to boiling point.evil Usually I don’t loose my temper, but today i couldn't. I had an confront with one of them, which would have turned out into an ugly fight. And also the money they demand for an hour’s job, i believe is higher than Manmohan Singh's basic salary. One month of rent as commission is an unwritten law (3BHK, rent-16k so commission -16k…wtf?). When you question them they say " That‘s how things work here, You guys work for an IT company, you earn a lot, why cant you give us our due". Sick creatures, it's as if the IT people are indebted to each and everyone in Chennai. Be it the housemaid, the street vendor or the autowalas, everyone demands. I feel like yelling "Am I earning for you? Did you fund me when i was in college? “We work for a month all day and night, money doesn’t come from a vending tree, its hard earned money, many have commitments of supporting their families, my friends have tiring responsibilities, even some are the only source of belief for their families. And these creatures out there are desperate to suck every penny from our pockets. I feel sick. The other creatures are the house owners who treat Bachelors like untouchables. As if they were never in their bachelor-hood, as if they were born from the mothers womb when they were 40! "bachelor na veedu thara mudiyathunga, we prefer decent families" --"then marry me your daughter we will become a family" old-pricks!!!
A group of 8 men who look just like baby-eaters are desperately in need of a house (3B3BHK- 3bedroom3bathroom and a HK) near Velachery. Help greatly solicited.

4)When I started Amazwi, I wished to have a minimalist and readable layout. I wanted a Black and white theme as technically black gives an elegance, a depth and character to the brand. Also I love the mix of black white and grey. They are so simple yet so mystic. They mean a lot and I associate with these colors most of the time. And now I am changing the header, to the new 'two-lives" banner. It was philosophical, and there are the usual genuine looking African kids! So how bout you? do you like the new header?
{As Sridhar points out in the comment section the header portrays ambivalence or the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings.}

5)And I don’t know how may of you went through the Dilbert widget. If no, do it now and i am sure you'll love it. I love Dilbert(Anyone who hates his/hers employer will love Dilbertwink)its fun, its intelligent, its the best satire of the corporate life!. Man I love Dogbert, he is the most admirable character I have ever read in a comic! The bosses, the colleagues, they are just the same everywhere!. It's universal and I seriously wish I could get into a company without the Pointy haired boss, the evil Catbert, or the lazy Wally. And if you are lost reading this or if you really are not aware of Dilbert then loser :( try this wiki link and get educated.Few favorite sampleslol



PS: 1 Look at the time its nearly 4 in the morning(I live on US of A time schedule), Am i becoming an insomniac:)). A Sleepless-in-Chennai??!

PS: 2 "We work for a month all day and night, money doesn’t come from a vending tree, its hard earned money". Someone laughed. Agreed i am not eligible to say this; at least for the past month!! But i am sure change is not too far :)).
Happy reading!


My Musings said...

Hmmm! quite a ramble, well it was the word amazwi that attracted me and made land in this Africa Lovers blog!!!

That s a beautiful header! esp The twinkling smile...

"We work for a month all day and night, money doesn’t come from a vending tree, its hard earned money". Someone laughed. Agreed i am not eligible to say this; at least for the past month!! But i am sure change is not too far :)).
Even sometimes it also matters with Money,Hardly earned.

Just reminded of 1 nite @ the call centre.


And dad n mom have always rented our house to college Kids, they prefer them to the So-Called-Decent-families. unfortunately we're not in velachery or any where near velachery.

Anu said...

ok one, I love sleepless in Seattle too, but dont underestimate the cuteness of Tom hanks son. Two, being on bench is a phase beleive me, you will get out surely and you will then yearn for those days, when you had time to blog! :) ,three -love the kids on the header,it different.But somehow when I see it, it presents a different kind of posts. And lastly hope you get a house soon, my parents were looking for some place in central chennai and they couldnt get some of them because they were considered too olD!!!

Vignesh said...

@ barath,

Man as i said Africa has soul in it, I think both the kids are equally good, i think the irony conveys a meaning!!

happy that u gys prefer bachelors, but most house ownerrs here (9/10) hang up the phone once they hear the word!!, man it beats the shit out of me!! n for sure "this too will pass"... thans buddy!!

@ Anu

1)No second thoughts i too believe Tom hanks is charming:)...
2)In a way i too love the freedom that bench gives to you, but the problem is im becoming too lazy, even forgot to prepare for CAT:(... the only good thing that has happened it helped me explore the blogsphere!! :)
3)Ya the header i think suits for more serious kinda posts, they are not too far!!
4)Sorry to hear bout wat happ to ur parents, as i said the houseowners are CREATURES of some kind,

and good news is we got a house finally:) (4bhk-16k)

Ingvild said...

Hi:) I got the link to your blog from Kristel, my mother, and I have to say I really like it. I think you're a great writer, you make the words flow in a way that makes me want to continue to read. Keep up the good work:)

Greetings from Ingvild, Norway

Vignesh said...

Hey Ingvild thanks 4 visiting, Do convey my regards to all in your family out there!!

N thanks 4 d compliments... i believe there is a long way to go:))

Ganga Rudraiah said...

Coincidences. hmm.. I'm curious, what exactly is your tryst with africa?

Vignesh said...

my tryst with africa?

I am not sure, some fatal attraction maybe..i believe all the truths that we search for is hidden in those forbidden lands, it feels like the womb of time.Wish i was there...

Sridhar V said...

Header is awesome. The two kids portraying ambivalence is toooo good...

Vignesh said...


Dey M.Vijay thaakam theriyuthu:) ya man that was the word... perfect definition and that was what i meant:)

the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action, simultaneously drawing him or her in opposite directions.

The N03 said...

Hey vignesh..One thing I do come to know from the Dilbert post is that you were dissappointed with the salary revision, right? ;)
that was a interesting post !
Like yourself..I m posting a comment @ 2 am for a post posted @ 4 am !!

Vignesh said...

Hey no3 thanks 4 visiting,

This post was written few days b4 the salary hike thing. But still things are worse now?

So u too work 4 cts is it?? :)

Naga said...

I agree with you on the 'brokers' post.. These greedy morons plunder money not only form us.. Also from the house owners.. just one hour of work are making them super rich..

And on the funnier side.. your header pic makes me think this is a charity organization's site.. No offence buddy.. really nice one though..

Vignesh said...

naga, here in chennai the house owners don pay d brokers, so the share falls on our heads..

And i saw one of the brokers owning a motorokr and me a 1100!!..

Ama da, in a way it looks like a unicef africa website!!:) but only "in a way"!!:))

The N03 said...

i m in infy man.. any comments now? ;)he he

Vignesh said...

then i believe it is the same everywhere;)...

Animated Junk said...

Africa- i too love it. neva been ther thou but i am quite fascinated by the culture n food n livin types.
tom hanks- is jus one hellava actor. be it sleepless in seatle or u have got mail (ma fav) or terminal i jus love him
As for rentin houses, the brokers r scoundrels. i hav no better word for them
n the house owners..."A gal rentin house alone?" why what how"wher r ur parents?" "r u divorced?" "did u run away from ur house?"
A hundred useless questions n final answer is NO
n i hate they way they stare

Vignesh said...

hey junk

u give me more reasons to hate those ^$#^$%&^$...!!!

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