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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My First tag:) by Uma, here is my take

6 Whatevers About me -

1) Born as the youngest son for two professors , brought up in the suburbs of Madurai, "attended" college at PSG tech Coimbatore, now "benched" at Cognizant Chennai.

2) A wannabe cinematographer, a wannabe journalist, a wannabe graphic designer, a wannabe normad, a reluctant S/W professional. Now wannabe an MBA, wannabe a writer, wannabe a filmmaker, wannabe a...

3) Crazy with friends and confused when alone!! Both my craziness and my confusion may annoy:). And ever proud about the friends i have.(even if they dont give a damn about this blog...:( )

4)I Love the company of good books and movies, I hate snoring to the core that Whenever i hear someone snoring, i always wished i had a gun :)


6) An Introvert.A loner by choice.

5 Things i miss right now -

1) My room at my grandmas house, my cocoon during the college days. It was the place where i discovered the bibliophile, the graphic designer and the movie fanatic in me. I miss its privacy. I miss the tiled roofs. I miss the sun which played hide and seek through the small vents in the roof. I miss its warmth . I miss my cocoon.

2) My college life and the gang. "While they studied... we lived" was the caption(The godz gang03-07) .Missing the life we lived as the underdogs. Missing the days which were filled with fun, friends and zero responsibilities. A carefree life- a life with no worries, just fun fun fun.Its only after a year the reality hurts...College life is over for sure!!

3) My old project team.

4) Home made food sooooooooooo much.(or atleast good food for the sake of it)Take it from me its hard to survive only on parottas and kal-dosais. Atleast after 12 months!!

5) God how can i forget that. My past hairdo (b/w nov07-may08). I miss that E.T look it gave to me! And those of you who haven't heard the pathetic story of my long hair better read it here!!

10 Things I wanna achieve in a decade -

1) Ditch cognizant.Ditch IT.End up @ MICA or any other B-school which offers specialized courses related to marketing,communications and branding.Get a career, get a life. Earn enough for Survival.Make more revelations about myself.

2) Visit Cannes. Attend the Cannes film festival. Meet the best brains of creativity and share a cup of coffee.

3) Grow long hair once again and this time cut it for no reasons whatsoever.:)

4) Buy a car. (Now that has to happen within a year!!.. N for that i need to burgle a bank!!). Upgrade the car @ home with an Corolla.

5) Sponsor a child.

6) Read a looooooot of books of all different kinds. More of Tamil literature, i suck at it big time.(And i believe there is no use in reading international bestsellers if u have not read the best in your mother language)

7) Write screenplay for a movie.

8) Take out the entire family on a road trip.

9) Live at least two years in Europe or Africa. Meet new people. Meet new landscapes. Meet new challenges.Go to bed looking at the skyline in the middle of the African forest and Wake up looking at the snow capped mountains of the Alps.

10) Meet "her".

**************************************************************************************** 11)Having this idea for sometime now, To open an African restaurant chain in India, even had decided upon a name("Hottentots") and some marketing strategies. God if i had money i would do it today, given the lack of such themed restaurants and quality African food, i am sure i would be a runaway success. Partners with huge wallets are invited :)

The (Boring) book tag **-

**Pick up the nearest book.Open to page 123.Find the fifth sentence.Post the next three sentences.

"we have reached the end of our little mystery. You are welcome to put any questions that you like to me now and there is no danger that i will refuse to answer them"
As said by Sherlock homes in the book A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conon Doyle.

Now tag 5 people -



uma kumar said...

More of Tamil literature, i suck at it big time.(And i believe there is no use in reading international bestsellers if u have not read the best in your mother language)

well said...

hope CTS guys are not reading this post..

Liked the points about Cannes,africa....

wish u find ur "that one mission 'of life (with so many interests u have )

Vignesh said...

I would be happy if some CTS guy reads this... now that is how most freshers feel bout the company..:(

//wish u find ur "that one mission 'of life

mission :))? u think so? that was no 10. on the list :) i think in 10 year period you gotta meet her even if u don't wish to:).. But thanks and i too wish the interests would collide :).

Anu said...

Thanks for checking my post and I really enjoyed reading yours!
I tried for MICA too, but wasnt good enough on the entrace i guess,,so wishing you all the best. And first time Ive heard of an African restaurant.. i am sure you have a lot of customers!

I have a couple of buddies in CTS and I think leaving that place seems to be the mantra there :)!

Vignesh said...

we have chinese, italian even thai restaurants then y not african?? sure it will be a hit..

hey thanks for visiting...:)

Jaya Chithra said...

So did you meet "HER" ??

My Musings said...


was blog hopping and landed here. cool blog.
"And i believe there is no use in reading international bestsellers if u have not read the best in your mother language"

Beautifully penned.
Even a passionate reader n lover of tamil literature, don ask thn why th hell i blog in english, wink...

and good luck for meeting 'ur' Her..

Vignesh said...


So you guys find only that point interesting in the entire post.. now tats saad...:)


Thanks a lot for visiting and i believe it is worth it!!:))

Ya barath, i think the generation we are living in are proud to fill their bookshelves with stuff written by people around the worls, but how many of them have a good tamil literature or an author in the collection?? I personally believe you cant call yourself a tamilian if u haven't read Jeyakanthan. But that's just my point of view.

//and good luck for meeting 'ur' Her..

you too brutus:))

My Musings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
My Musings said...

While they studied... we lived
Well 03-07 batch, do u know sathik basha, well even me from PSG, but CASIAN,,,
and about that

//and good luck for meeting 'ur' Her..

you too brutus:))

Thats a very diff story, Julius

My Musings said...

Dude. Its sucha small world, Had been so freakingly frequent to ur campus, I did ma entrance coaching campus there. many of ma friends are there, am too a PSG product... well Nice to know you buddy..
Didnt know Sudhakar much,but a nice guy, hope he still is... :))
and Sathik, we're LKG mates buddy... been in the same school during our primary and Hr sec education..
Nice meeting u Vicky...

and buddy. lil favour, Better put ur email id in your profile, not feeling so good, posting all this stuff in the comments thing...

The N03 said...

Hey vignesh.. truly nice post,hilarious too. seriously, surviving on dosas is an achievement n i have been doing from the time i came to chennai..3 years now!! I fully empathize with you on that note.

why is the 5th 'Whatever abt me' blank?
On a lighter note,I also think that its my duty to remind you that one of your 10 things to do list is pretty dangerous...If you sleep in the middle of an African forest,then there is no guarantee that you will wake up!!;-) he he

Vignesh said...

Thanks for exploring amazwi mr.n03..(Man pls lemme know ur name... its wierd:))

And kaldosais are every bachelors delight but sadly after a timeframe it turns out to be his worst nightmare:)

i kept it blank coz i am BLANK by someway... a meaningless creature..was tryin 2 give a philosophical touch;)

hey i am already in a forest, filled with 8+ monsters i wake up here on a daily basis so no probs:))

The N03 said...

LOL. Weird it is !.'The genesis' post provides my name.but just in case,u missed it..its Karthik :)

Aravindan said...

Its done. Here,

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