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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

IPL - between the overs!

India was a very boring nation, and then IPL happened. For the past month or so there was nothing but IPL everywhere, in the room, at office, on the road, over the phone, on the internet, this thing was taking over the nation by storm. Inflation rate meant nothing to us as long as the super kings had a better run rate!(so u know i am so good at rhymes..:D.) It had become the relief for the average indian, relief from everyday life, relief from the price hike, relief from the ugly Indian politics, relief from radika sarathkumar and balaji telefilms, relief from boring Saas Bahu serials, the home has suddenly turned into an entertainment haven. Thanks to IPL. I am sure this is gonna be the future, i would be happy if it could grow at par with the much-hyped football leagues of the west, i would be happy if the next gen Indian kid is proud sporting a knight riders jersey than a man-u jersey, i am really happy that IPL happened. OK guys IPL reinvented cricket, Warne had the last laugh, Sreesanth sucked big time, cheerleaders of Hyderabad were real sexy;), Mallaya was an egoistic moron, the trophy resembled dinosaur shit to me, IPL spoilt my AIMCAT , what next?? Lets get off from these stuff, they are history now. But there was something that is little spoken about, we watched the matches but there was something else that was more important than the matches, they were the very reason for the existence of IPL, they determined the success of IPL and we watched it all the time!! You may be right, yup i meant the Commercials :)!!
(Disclaimer- The author is an MBA aspirant in the fields of communications, advertising and marketing and if he writes something as if he is the next-ad-guru...please do laugh at him :)) It was the yielding season for Sony max, I mean they should have earned for an eternity. I think cricket is the only sport which offers so much time for ads (remember thr is no ad in a football or hockey match) and as viewers we got no choice but to watch them. If u had watched closely three were many ads about brand-revamp and reinvention (eg.Godrej, Ceat, Shoppers stop) it was the perfect timing bcoz IPL was all about revamp and reinvention of cricket, so the IPL platform was ideal to introduce the newer versions of old brands and they used it!!.The pick of the lot(the good bad and the ugly) were,
The Loosers :-( -
"Imagine If people were like Crabtree.." possibly the dumbest campaign in the entire season, a sobbing bride who suddenly cheers when her husband switches her on!!! I felt like yelling WTF?!!! The concept was dumb the acting was too fake, it was sooo baaad that i wonder people are really gonna think twice before they buy a crabtree.
"Youre care no bieggie Interriere" i used to believe that getz was a mid-sized luxury car for young professionals, but they have altered my vision it is actually a car made for those who speak monkey language,Foolish! if an ad could zero the buying interest - it has to be the Getz prime ad.Out of place and turning negative to the mother brand.The so called Italian girl was too annoying for me.
"Change is refreshing"- It started out like a good campaign for Ceat tyres, i thought it was gonna rock but nothing happened from then on!. The entire campaign spoke about Mr.'Change' and his antics but not about tyres or the business of Ceat. The new logo was terrible... the old ceat looked fine to me(there is this new trend of pure font logos, we saw it with shoppers stop and now in ceat). The 'Change' guy started to look like a boring moron at the end. Good concept to begin with but should have explored it to the core. A big thumbs down.
The Runner-ups :-/-
"If we open up, we can brighten up the world" the new campaign of Godrej was not so bad, but still it gives you the impression that Godrej was a very closed-unapproachable company before the change, now that is bad. It was like saying - we were too ugly earlier and just now we got a makeover!! I expected a series of video ads similar to the schoolmaster stuff, but there were none. The new three coloured logo looked very forced,( remember the new Canara bank logo, now that was CHANGE to me).But i think there was too much of not-so-effective Godrej ads, and it may mean a lot of money not well spent. Maybe it turns positive in the long term, hard luck Godrej.
"I chose to speak my mind.. without saying a word" Congrats guys that was the best example of attitude-marketing. We all know that accent is not very luxurious car and rightly the protogonist says "I chose luxury ...without being extravagant". And suddenly you find that there is an attitude associated with the car, and start loving the car for being so humble. Lovely ad which tries to sell Accent for its real values!! But Personally i think the accent-era has come to its end, and with so many good cars in the mid segment the ad alone may not help. It is like beating on a dead snake,But still a great try!

The Winners :-) -
"Jashn Manale"- A surprise entrant?. Definite yes, It was a beautiful way of bringing coke back into the mainstream. The ad it makes you believe that coke is the best partner when your are having a party with your friends, it is a drink to have when you are together and when life is a big party. When coke whoozes out the party ends!!!. Great concept, a good execution and some hummable music and Hrithik to add to it.A great recall value, i defenitely think it would have made the ex-lovers of coke , fall in love once again. Among soft drinks coke was never an option but i think this ad makes you remember coke whenever u order for one.And the recent stats says coke sales has gone up, now that’s sucess induced by ads.
"Chhota credit"---- Vodafone delivers again. The ad featuring the anxious little girl and the sweet little gentleman, and their friendship over one drop of ink. Totally impeccable. The concept is vodafone will credit Rs10 for its subscribers when they run out of balance, any the ad uses a similar concept in a lovely parallel setting and WHOA!! it was bang on target. The customer gets the message of the ad, he feels good viewing the ad thereby the brand itself becomes a feel good brand hence instilling a lot of positive vibe to the mother brand(same with the little-girl and the helpfull dog series ). The girl looks cute, and the boy looks like a new age-cool-guy(remember Ishaan of TZP), the teacher collecting the papers is not the one we used to have in school days instead she collects the papers with a gentle and smiling visage, the controlled usage of colours(mostly red and white), and the overall ambience+ execution makes it one of a kind. Congrats to the ogilvy&mather guys(the agency for vodafone).The genius of the ad lies in its ability to make you become nostalgic, we crave for our school days it brings back the beautiful little memories of the school time. You think about your schooltime sweetheart, the ink fights, monthly tests, leaking pens, ink bottles and finally the ad makes you a kid and you sport a mystic smile each time you watch it!!paisa vasool!!
All's Well That Ends Well"(thanks nive if ur reading this ;)!!!) so i think we have ended this on a high note, I am gonna go find my bed and sleep amidst the snoring monsters with whom i share my space, so if you are really impressed with what I’ve written, please don feel shy. I do accept cash, DD , M.O or even sodexo meal passes!! For all those ho have come a long way till this point.. Thanks for your time.:)


Sridhar V said...

Yep. But u missed out one of the most dumbest ads. It was not that of Pepsi, Titan Sonata. It was the ad of the Bangalore Royal Challengers. :) :) It comes like this, "Born in Bangalore to thrill the nation". This ad was on air even after Bangalore failed to make into the semis.

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

Goddddd!!! How did i miss that, the stout, funny mallaya walking amidst the players like as if he is hurrying for a piss....thanks for remainding da..:)

Also heard that Royal challenge whisky sales has plummetted across the Tasmac shops!!! thanks to IPL:)

Umesh said...

We are 3 ppl.. Vignesh (UR Writer), Sri (Commentor) and Me (silent Reader)...
we 3 dont have anyother work...
Writer fellow will write if he is sleepp less... Commentor will comment if the write is shitting also... 3rd fellow on top of all... reads eveerthing, not once, but manytimes in a day.. to see if there is some moron who is commenting some bullshit...

what else do you want me to write??
DUNG?? Shit is not enough?

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

@ umesh

Unooda comment a vida koduma ennana athuku reply comment post pannura ennoda nelama than!!!

yeandaa?? yean?? :))

My Musings said...

Good work buddy! I do love the commercials part, enjoyed them more n sat to watch them when hyderabadis and Chennai team started disappointing me.

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