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Monday, June 23, 2008

Y tu mamá también

Sex.Now how many of us agree that it is, and it will be the very reason for our existence? How many of us approve it as a humane act? How many of us are comfortable discussing about it? How many of us have honest views about sex? How many of us act like it has nothing to do with our lives and our thinking? How many of you have already started making judgments about me? No I am not very comfortable discussing about sex. I am just one among you. But it was after watching this movie i felt we we Indians are not so honest, we have never made a movie which peels the skin and shows human emotions in its barest form. Alfonso Cuaron is a director whom I adore, his Children of Men redefined the science fiction genre. A friend of mine suggested a movie which is described as his masterpiece, Y tu mama tambien (English-And your mother, too) is a masterpiece which redefines our understanding about lust, desires and relationships.Made originally in Mexican, but when you listen keenly you can hear the universal voice of the human soul which is driven by the very need of sensuality.

Set in the modern day Mexico, it is the story of two young boys who are in their late teens and a women in her late twenties who go on a road trip across Mexico. Coming from different economic backgrounds Tenoch and Julio are two foolish adolescents on the verge of manhood who see women as commodities, and like all their counterparts across the universe they find themselves caught in the web of fantasies, it is their primary drive in life. It is when they meet Lusia an orphan, who is not-so-happily married to Tenoch's cousin. Mesmerized by her beauty they invite her to join them on a road trip to a imaginary beach called "Heavens mouth". She agrees. Not because she is foolish, she is numb with pain. Luisa is lonely, humiliated, abused and neglected, she is a testament to the suppressed woman community; mentally tortured by the chauvinistic husbands . She is aware of the intentions and implications but still agrees because she finds it as a way to escape from the cruel hands of life and a means to strike back at so called society.She agrees and together they start the journey, A journey which helps Luisa discover how clumsy, selfish, and dishonest men really are, a journey in which she tries to teach boys to treat a woman properly, a journey which will for the first time make her the master, and when the journey ends as viewers we discover the harsh realities behind men, women, friendships, bondings, relationships and on top of all sex.

The movie is very sexual in nature, but it is honest.There are explicit scenes but they are not glorified or romanticized. The scenes look obscene only if your intentions are so.The viewers are not made into intruders of privacy instead we are transformed into observers, when you see a 'something you actually observe something else. And the movie is not just about the adventures of three individuals, it is surprisingly funny most of the time, it has all the hip and peppy ingredients of a teen flick, as a road film parallely the director speaks about the poltical and economic strata of Mexico which they are driving through. Lead actors specially Maribel Verdu who played Luisa is very intense, and the expression in her eyes speaks about the struggle that she is into, she suffers from cancer which is revealed at the very end. And there is Gael Garcia Bernal as Julio ( I consider myself as his greatest fan on earth) with a performance of a lifetime. The cast is near perfect. The film mostly uses long takes, and there is a graceful silence that accompanies throughout. A pale brown colour pallete helps in revealing the dullness even if they are into the most disturbing of acts. Right from the beginning we can sense the seriousness and the genuine intentions of the movie, praised for being honest and unafraid of sexuality. Hyped as a "teen movie" for the arthouse crowd, it went to win golden palm at cannes and critical praise world over. As Roger Ebert my favourite critic says "Beneath the carefree road movie that the movie is, there is a more serious level--and below that, a dead serious level".

The movie as such is a behavioral study, and for sure the lessons learnt are a bit harsh. I doubt such movies will ever movies be made in India. Can we tolerate a character like Lusia, the name the society will give her is a whore or thaasi. All we need is cliched women with no real emotions who have no other job but to make men fall in love, dance around tress uncovering the belly buttons and showing some decolletage, SHAME. I believe nudity is far better than the obscenity that we see in our movies. I don't want to break my head speaking about the society.Anyway Y tu mama tambien will remain in my list of unforgettable movies- for a lifetime. As they say "cinema is truth 24 frames per second" Y tu mama tambien is meaningfull cinema at its most refined honest and barest form.

For more info visit
imdb- Y tu mama tambien
Alfonso Cuaron


My Musings said...

"we have never made a movie which peels the skin and shows human emotions in its barest form"
True, we haven't made such films, But we'do have some great literature of our Origin, which speaks the naked truth and the plight of common man's life.
Well since u're interested in Tamil literaure, try reading Jayakanthan, if u've nt. His writings are indeed therapeutic..

And regarding sex, Well buddy, we're in India. we live a life, as if the three letter word has got nothing to do with us.
But we shudn't forget the fact that we have our own exclusive literature on the art of sensual love-making and even erotic architectures.
Shhhh! People are around...

Vignesh said...

//Shhhh! People are around...
:))loved it!!!

As a reply to your other comment i had written "I personally believe you cant call yourself a tamilian if u haven't read Jeyakanthan". JK tops my list always!!!

Agreed we have literature on the art of sensual love-making and even erotic architectures, but those are things of the past, now our society is confused and pathetic ....

So happy that u commented without any inhibitions....even when people are always around :)))

Anu said...

hmm.. funnily enough i just posted something which questions the Indian culture towards sex. It a double edged sword, but i must say that sometimes it gives us boundaries, which gets blurred in this world. Btw, will definately watch the movie

Vignesh said...

hey anu do watch the movie and put in your feedback...:)

My Musings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ரவிசங்கர் said...

your english, writing style is good. one of my friends 2 recommended this movie. placing in MUST WATCH list.

Vignesh said...

@ Ravi,

Thanks for ur comment, and pls do watch d movie without fail:)

தருமி said...

I fully endorse the first part of what ரவிசங்கர் has said. great.

the list of your favourite movies, but for one or two, the rest seems to be so alien to me. tempted to borrow them on your next visit to Madurai!!

sex - how it all started for me, u can find it here.

has none of your regular friends visiting you blog complained about this word verification? mm..m

Vignesh said...

Sir, thanks for the comment:)

I a way i configure my list, and sure i would be more than happy to bring you the movies; but i need your address for that..:)

and yes i will try to remove the verification thing..

தருமி said...

1/207 "Aruvi" Kiruba Nagar,
Naganakulam Road, Madurai 14 - இங்கேயே வந்து வாங்கிட்டா போச்சு!!

got your blog id from your dad. we plan to meet soon ...

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