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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Children of Men

Twenty years from now, imagine the world where woman have become infertile, imagine the world without birth, imagine the world without children, imagine the world where people live with no hope and no future, Imagine the world in a quagmire of hopelessness, insurgencies and brutal violence. The solution to bring back life,peace,smile and hope lies in the birth of a child. And finally will it happen?. Watch Children of men.Before watching the movie i was a bit cynical, i had never seen Alfonso Cuarón movies before and i had little admiration for the cast namely Clive Owen and Julianne Moore, but after watching i was spellbound. I already knew that this movie will remain in my best movies list for a lifetime. Alfonso Cuarón is by profession a Mexican film director, a coterie of men who by far are the best in class. Children of men can be taken as a science-fiction that disguises itself as a road movie, or a road movie that disguises itself as a science fiction.

The synopsis goes like this -It is the year 2027 in London. The world suffers from two decades of global human infertility and the youngest person in the world is eighteen years old. The extinction of human race is just around the corner and Humanity is broke without the reasons to live. Unrest and rebellion has spread throughout the world, all nations and cities have collapsed except London. The world is reduced with three kinds of people, the pessimists who try to capitalize on the rebellion, the optimists who still believe that human race will triumph over the struggle and someday light will replace the gloom, and the indifferent people who wish sit back and count the days.The movie is about how an indifferent guy does the herculean task of saving a young girl from a group of pessimists' and handing her over to the optimists' who run human-project. What is so special about the girl?... she is pregnant. (Guys...the actual plot is very complex and far more interesting what i have written is just like saying "mathematics is all about 1+1=2"...)

The movie takes you through a journey filled with despair, When the protagonist travels with the task of saving the woman you become a co-traveler and share the same emotions and agony to save the mother and the newborn. The entire movie is filled with poignant moments, the place where the mother shows the child to the protagonist is a barn, is an inherent reference to Jesus Christ who was born in the confines of the barn. The shot in which the newborn gets caught in the war front and the reaction of the people after seeing a kid after nearly 20 years are so intense and will stay in your mind for a long time. The climax shot in which a boat named tomorrow emerges from the mist to save the mother and son who are left stranded in the sea, is a poetic end to which gives you glimpse that future will emerge to be hopeful.

Technically it is one of the best films i had ever seen. Rather than making a routine science fiction in which people look like aliens from another world and cars and building look like plastic miniatures of impossible concepts, Cuaron has made a science fiction without artifice gimmicks and it is very real and sensible. It depicts your perception of future on screen. Secondly capturing the coarse beauty of the future London in shades of grey adds to the mood of the film. The usage of single-shot sequence in the war front scene is an epitome to the many technical heights the films has touched. The technical department does the job right to create an ambiance which makes you travel through the streets of London in an epic journey of hope winning over apathy.

A movie-watching doesn't turn into an experience all the time, it happens in Children of men. I agree the movie has negative tones to it, it makes you imagine about life in a different and cruel time-frame, it makes you imagine about the broken human psyche, it makes you imagine about the travails of survival, it makes you imagine about the shabby sufferings and the extinction of our race, it not only makes you imagine the worst, but also assures you that the best is yet to occur.

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(P.S: Guys i look lost for the past three days, after cutting the hair that i grew for more than 8 months ;-(... maybe it reflected in the post... try to watch the movie to understand its magnificence...Also i scrapped the palette idea... i knew it was dumb:))


Sridhar V said...

That was yet another great post!! Hoping to see the movie.You've kindled the interest in me to watch the movie. Probably wud b happy if u cud get me the DVD of the movie too :) :)

I reckon when these kinds of movies are gonna b even thot of in India !!
We are far behind them. Thats the truth and we have to accept tat..

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

Thanks da... U can get d dvd whenever u want...:)

Be happy that atleast u get a chance to watch these movies sitting here...

we r not far behind da.... we r nowhere in the race...:)

Naga said...

i happened to watch this movie last nite da..

I liked tat particular instance when the armymen get to see the newborn child and the subsequent ceasefire.. This was beautifully portrayed and that particular scene explained the movie..

And ought to mention the single shot sequences.. technical excellence at its peak..

But, i found the movie was out of my reach da.. The theme was complicated and I had to work hard to percieve them.. I felt ashamed that my mind was so mucdh accustomed to our very own perarasu type masalas..

I downloaded the movie looking at some good reviews..

The Seeker said...

Hey da! watched the movie, took a while to get hold of what's happening!!! That was bit sci-fi too.. was kind of surprised when i heard tht she was the youngest girl of 18 years, and one scene which i liked very much was, when the girl was searchinf for a reassurance from the hero in the dining table scene!!! Beautiful portrayal.

and the killing of the old man was so affecting. And that shattered me.. Those single shot sequences and those some long shots was really great!!

And the portrayal of the scene at the sight of the baby was amazing!!! and reminded of the tamil song, "Vellai pookal ulagam engum malarave, enniyum bhoomi amaidhikaga vediyave,, Engu siru kuzhandhai kaigal neetididumo, angu thondrayaio pudhayal..."

And the last scene was a irony!! ship named tomorrow.

beautiful movie, with a subtle thought of humanity,love, grief ... the universal truth....

Kind of disturbed me a lot!!!
Waiting for a more good movies suggestion from you

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