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Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Birthday!!

22 years before there was a visitor to the world, it was after his visit that the world became a different place, the Russians won in the cold war, Tibet and Tamil eealem were declared independent,Indian folk dancers would dance in the American rugby matches, Iraq would invade America in search of WMD, Bill gates would declare he was a moron and would get back Vista from sales, Great actors like Vijay would emerge and make Indian films win Oscars(while Hindi films will still suck), the world would find truce with peace . The visitor would be remembered as the brother of all believers and the calendar convention would be changed from 2008AD to 22 A.V. (duh..guys I know I suck)

I don’t celebrate my birthday, at least not in the ways we perceive it. But not celebrating doesn’t mean I forget them,to be precise you cannot forget it even if you wish to. We are all mysteriously addicted to our birthdays.The alarm in you starts ringing when it nears, and rings so loud on d-day. Some wish to keep the noise loud some others wish to play it low. I just prefer to press the snooze button.

My memories of my birthdays are very bleak. When I was a kid I used to be in my grandmas village, as my birthday always comes in the summer hols.My brother was born on may1 so he would the first to host the party,and year after year I would start crying after he cuts his cake, just bcoz I would feel so jealous of him his new dress and all the attention he gets. I would cry to feel good, I would cry to spoil the party. (Arun If ur reading this ... Sorry da!!!:)). And when my turn comes I would get up early, wake up the whole village,bring in all my uncles, aunts, cousins, grandpas&mas(there were a bunch of them), cut a bigger cake and get better chocolates, in a way I would feel so proud all the day that my party was better than my brothers.I hate that selfish-little-monkey now. Like has come a full circle.

I hate birthdays coz we celebrate it without intentions, we wish people on their birthdays as if it were a duty, we eat as much as we can in the treat so as to make sure its a win -win when he comes for your treat, at last we make it a mindless act. I prefer to celebrate the gift of me to the world...myself. Its a time when life asks me what have you been doing all these years.. I would say I am still searching for the answers and life would say "k dude find it.. ill come back after a year". A sweet made my mom and good place to sit back would make my day. As there is still no cure for the common birthday, i would prefer not to get infected.

And for all those who have the "habit" of wishing people on their birthdays, just sit back and think , think how you cherish them, think of the great times you spent together, think of the changes they have made in your life, think of all the good/bad they have done for you and love them more for all their goodness, and when you are really convinced make a call/sms/e-mail and wish them with all your heart.(I hate this preaching tone.. hope you guys are good with it!!!).

Hmmm ... its nearing midnight, people who love me, people who hate me, people who had remainders in their mobiles, people who found it on orkut, people who new by heart,people who just hear it word by mouth, people who will find tomorrow by midnight,and people who prefer to forget , I thank you all for your wishes.

I will make sure that ill not show my inconvenience to you.Happy birthday one and all. :-)


>>Jass said...

I dunno if asked for this but i guess it does make you feel good if someone wishes you on your birthday :P

Happy Birthday dude!

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

Thanks dude...

vijay said...

When i called you up and wished you after a week i was on a vacation in a boathouse at kumarakom.. I neither had a remainder nor did someone tell me.. But i am still flummoxed at the fact that i made u a call amidst lost in thought in the lovely backwaters eating fish and prawn. If i had known by heart i would have called u on that day itself.. Why a week later? what struck me? I cant find any reason.. May be u can..

P.S : I wished u before reading this blog :-)

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

Ithu than natpu enbatha :))... i hope my thoughts didnt disturb ur holiday :)lol

Answer to P.S: I knew that... :)

vijay said...

you weren't my girl friend to have disturbed my thoughts on a holiday. lol

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