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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Frequently asked q's

1)Why "Amazwi"?
Amazwi in zulu means a consortium of voices.
2)What is this post about?
This is an FAQ for Amazwi, and this is gonna clear most of your doubts(if any!).

3)Why is this necessary?
This is a way of connecting with the reader,only 1 in every 100+ blogs survive the catastrophic effects of the Internet,i definitely want this blog to be in the greener side.

4)Is blogging so difficult?
In a way yes, you should really have the interest, time, topics, language skill, bandwidth,and a love for writing and connecting with people, and In a way no, coz if a dumb ass like me can do it.. so can u!

5)Why do most blogs fail?
Most blogs fail because the author is not able to continue his interest in blogging after a while,the main reason for this is the lack of time and interest,second is the lack of readers, third is the bcoz the author got pissed of with life!!

6)What will Amazwi constitute of?
Amazwi will have these four major sections
About Movies & books - Filled with world cinema and literature , ..serious stuff? Kinda!!
About Life and friends - Living in a room with 10 guys gives you stories for a lifetime, and there are stories from my damn-life too...
About Advertising, Marketing and Economics - Topics on my future career preferences, to educate some morons out there(Of course not you!!!)
This will form the core of the blog and what's in the crust... hmm...My take on the society, its happenings,and all other holy sh**.

7)Is a reader so important for blogging?
This is like asking if a nose job is important for Himesh...Oh god Yes. A blogger writes for the benefit of humanity.So only if people read him his mission succeeds.

8)How can a reader contribute to a blog?
The main contribution will be by reading the blog till the last word, then commenting on it. Comments are the elixir's for any blog, so if u read a blog please feel free to comment on it. Say if its good bad or ugly!!
Contradict, congratulate,curse but make sure that you do comment.

9)How do i know when you post a new topic?
For Amateurs, there is a small box named subscribe to this blog is present on the right side of the screen. Enter your mail ids and click on subscribe. And you would be getting a e-mail whenever i update my blog.RSS feeds are another option.

10)I don't read books or watch movies but i read your previous posts, you look like a big time Moron!!, why is that?
Well, I can read your mind, as we can't have Namitha's photo on an article bout Marxism, you cant expect me to present them in any other way!!It is for serious reading, if my review inspires you, try reading and watching them. Good for you. But don worry we can still have namithas photos separately!!(don start watering your mouth.. i meant we will have posts on a lighter note!!!).

11)Will this blog become obsolete when no one reads it?
Nope, I don't think so. I jus don't write only for my reader, in a way i write for myself, to widen my views and enhance my perceptions, So i will stay whatsoever.:)

12)So what do you say finally?
I say reading a blog improves your digestion power by 15%...wat d F***?...Read 8 and 9 again. So drop in once in a while, and please help Namitha and Carl-Marx to co-exist!!! Thanks in advance. :)


Umesh Karthy Loganda said...

He calls himselves a dumb ass... yes he is if he doesnt want to take credit to his own writing...
FYI, this guy is a writer whose story was published in a weekly.. so guys watch out! He might seriously make u feel bad with his words.

Vignesh, write lots to make people realize about "the environment & our crazy deeds"... lets try leave a little space for our kids too...

write something to make people smile too.. like the crazy things u did in college? like the things u never wanted to or wanted but never did! Alas, smiling is the best panacea.

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

Thanks da...

When i said i am a dumbass i meant it :)..

And yup.. how can i miss our college life.. watch out for some truths!!!

Hope u gys come out with your own versions soon..

Revathi said...

Hey nice post and nice blog. loved the layout!! :)
Hope to read many more posts from u!! :)

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

thanks mam..Ill try my best to keep it posted :).

Anjana said...

thax...i admire ur substance...very nicely written out and cool layout :)

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

thanks for dropping in anjana...

sneha said...

hey nice work dude.. i m not a big fan of blogs but you do have the talent to keep the reader occupied..!!

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

@ Sneha..

U make me even more responsible from now... :)Thanks a lot for dropping in...

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