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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Son's room

Have you ever been to a house that has just lost a teenage son?, the sorrow that you find flowing across the house is infectious, distress caused by the loss would have sucked out life from all the faces ,the eyes of the inmates would have lost the moisture and there will be no more tears to shed, people would be submerged in the memories of the past and reasons for leading a better future become very thin, the dreams and hope that they would have pinned upon the lost child can be found shattered broken on the floors, the inconsolable grief makes your feet to tremble and you start questioning about the philosophies of death and the very existence of god!!! La stanza del figlio (English-the sons room) ,an Italian film by Nanni Moretti speaks about all these psychological effects on a family and their life after the death of a loved one.

The Giovanni's are a happy family of four; the father leads a idyllic life. He has a successful practice as a psycho-therapist, a loving wife, gifted children and spends quality time for running and treating patients who are hysterical and sad. The families led by the caring parents live for each other and stay together in all the good and bad times. It is a perfect family scenario that we find in most houses, but then tragedy strikes. On a day when the family has to cancel a day-out due to a sudden appointment of the father, the teenage son goes for sea-diving with his friends and dies suddenly,un-expectedly. And in the aftermath, the death instead of bringing the family together, splits them apart. The loss incurred has deep psychological effects on the family, the emotional traumas faced by each of them makes the pain intolerable. The father is affected with an obsessive complex disorder, he curses himself for the death of the son, and he thinks if he had taken the family out the other day, the death would have been avoided. The mother becomes very fragile and the sister becomes arrogant there by showing her regret on the world. They are not a happy family any more. They get lost within the loss that has incurred. The loss and the anger has disintegrated and torn apart their lives. But hope comes in the form of Arianna- girlfriend of their son. She on a road trip iterates the necessity to move forward from the loss, and that time will always move forward and life that must go on whatever the circumstances. The film ends with the family finally accepting the loss and trying to find reasons to leap forward in their own ways.

As a film, the son's room makes a profound impact on your thoughts. It takes you through the period of grief that a family goes through after the death of a loved one. The father role played by Nanni Moretti himself is so real and the minute emotions that he shows throughout the film makes you understand the trauma of a sobbing father. The screenplay which has interlaced scenes of father treating his patients helps us to track the psychological changes of the father before and after the death. And the most important of all...the cinematography, the film uses a pale mustard color scheme throughout and all the other colors are subsided thereby reducing the impact of colors and giving a precipitated look. The movie on a whole looks very pale void of all natural colors that we see in everyday life thereby aiding to the films main concept of death, which in a way sucks out life from the beings and makes life very dull and abnormal than usual. Most of the scenes are heavily lit thereby by creating a vacuum, similar to that of the vacuum that occurs in our minds after the death of the loved one. The film was released in 2002 and won Palm D'Or the best film award at the Cannes film festival.

Watching the film you sympathize for all those who suffer from the loss of a loved one. You pray god asking him to shed more love. The film helps you understand the fact that, whatever the race, religion, language, nationality may be the pain caused by death is universal. The eyes from which the tears emerge may differ, but its taste is always saline.

For more info visit
ImdB- the son's room
Nanni Morreti


Anonymous said...

Definitely you tempt me to watch it! Thanks for sharing.

Vignesh said...

i would be happy if this review got you to watch the movie.

thanks 4 dropping by:)

Aravind said...

Hey the IMDB link is misleading...

ArchFULLY said...

Hi Vignesh, I did watch the movie after your post.

I watched most of the parts in the 1st speed of the forward mode.

The only good part about the movie is that it felt like sitting in the living room of the family while everthing was happening. Maybe that explains the forward button.

The film did win in Cannes, but still... Oops!!

Vignesh said...

Ya archana, the movie is a bit too slow... Maybe im used to such pace a lot.. :)

The film did win in Cannes, but still... Oops!!...

Many of my friends too had a different view... yup opinions should differ..:)
thanks for dropping in... n pls do watch other movies bout which i have written not all will disappoint you :)

Aravind said...


I watched it last night and i loved it. The last sequence was one brilliantly thought and conceived scene. Thanks for sharing about this movie.

Vignesh said...

Ya i think the last scene reasons with everything that the film has to say... glad that u like it :)

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