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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lost in the woods...


It must have been raining lately, the cold breeze still carries the smell of earth, the soil looks soaked and slippery, my bare foot could feel the earth; those sharp little stones, the dew drops on the grass, the watery soil, I could feel them all. My feet is covered with the dark brown mud looks synonymous with the ground beneath. I decide to take a brief walk into the woods, a walk into the mist, a walk into the fading afternoon, a walk from the farm house to the far end. I come to the end of our farm land and the little corner stone turns into my throne.I look all around and there are no humans in sight, all I could see are little shimmering grass insects nearby, the peacocks stealing grains on the distant lands, and a few rain bearing clouds far above. It has just been a few minutes since I started writing all these. I am writing these on an age old diary filled with few strands of mustard colored paper, I am writing these sitting beneath a lonely tree which still sizzles with the last drops of rain, I am writing these after a few tears and a long gush of silence.

The little piece of farm land on which I am sitting now, and the long stretch of coconut grooves through which I had walked are the last remaining evidences of an age old family heritage.This is the same place that my great grand fathers bought with their hard earned money, this is the same place where my grandma ploughed years back, this is the same place where my mom played games in her childhood, this is the place where my memories are preserved and delivered fresh. Days from a not so distant past start pouring in, the days when my grandpa carried me on his shoulders all the way and spoke stories in my little ears, the day when I finally brought the same grandpa who had by them lost his walk and sight, I still remember the tears he shed hugging a tree, I remember the day when I found the ancient British coin hidden beneath the soil, I remember the evenings in the summer when we chased peacocks, the fearful nights when we changed lanes for the flowing water, the countless coconuts we drank, the snake that we killed, the ripe old man who made sheets out of the coconut leaves, I exactly remember the evening of the red sun when Uncle, Arun(my bro) and I walked hand in hand. A little wind has just blown from the north, the tree has just shed a tiny droplet of water on the paper. I scan the diary. The date on the left reads "April 7", I search for the year and the outer cover reads "Executive diary 1994".A beautiful coincidence, I too was there sometime. I very much belong to the 90's, in a way we all belong to the 90's. We are the 90's people.

The clouds are turning gray, it may rain anytime now, let me move to a safer distance. come walk with me.......A little walk has now taken me to the well, the well which once watered the entire land mass, the well where my uncles had their swimming classes, the well which still holds the last breath of many, the well which has been here for centuries and seen empires rise and fall, the well in which the moon sleeps in the night. I throw a little stone into it and after a long pause i hear the stone hitting the water deep beneath.I hear a sound, the voice of the well, it is mystic, it is like the groan of a long forgotten soul. I am back at the woods amidst the coconut trees. I see a few hundreds of them all lined in a pattern as if they are attending a mass. I remember my mom saying that these were planted in the same year when Arun was born. In a way we are brothers of some kind.We have seen each other grow up from innocence, growing up into complexity.I just lie quiet on the ground between my brothers, it reminds me of the slumber I had in my primitive womb.

The time is half past six, it has already started drizzling, the feeble light is fading in front of the eye, the little stone under the lonely tree is filled with gloom, the place looks serene and eerily poetic, the frogs creep and the peacocks screech, my little heaven is getting ready for the night. I finally reach toward my favorite tree in the entire groove, the one as a result of some infection has this bent trunk like an 'L', the one with the most unique look in the entire lot, the one on which i used to glide and play as a kid, the one which is very close to my heart.I touch him, he responds by shaking the huge leaves, he could sense my presence he knows that there is this friend from the good old times,he feels warm, I lay myself on his shoulders, I become a child again. Just like a cattle tied to the pole, I think we are all tied to our childhood memories we always graze for life near the pole of childhood.I close my eyes, i could feel the ecstasy and at this very moment I don't value wealth coz I know that even a few crores cant match the sweetness of a coconut, I don't fear death coz I know that My best days were already lived.

The lightning suddenly illuminates into the darkness.The long wait is over, it has started raining! The rain is dropping all over me, a few have managed to touch the paper. I am still not sure if I am gonna search for a shelter or if I am gonna get myself drenched. But it feels good to stand here, the rain, the woods, the grass, the lil birds, the soaked feet, i feel like becoming a part of very nature.It feels good, just like reading the very last line of a lovely book.

The rain is getting heavy, I gotta close the diary now. My journal ends here.


Milinta said...

I walked with you :)

The Seeker said...

I don't fear death coz I know that My best days were already lived.

No words. Could they really do justice!!! well. The joy of growing up ends in a way, when you're grown up, When you kind of stop looking forward to what life has to offer, in a way life becomes monotonous.

1994, rings a bell, the second year of my writing, started with my first diary in 1993 when i was in 3rd standard, so add me to your club, me a 90's person too. And it does feel good to walk in the rain.

Well. just one more thing, After a big writer's blog, Wrote something after getting drenched in rain, and just surprised to see, that you've written on similar lines. So I think Amazwi would be more than enough..

My heart is getting heavy, I gotta close for now. My journey has to continue, no matter what happens..

CHEERS !!! :)

Aravindan said...

I second Milinta. Wonderfully written!

>>I just lie quiet on the ground between my brothers, it reminds me of the slumber I had in my primitive womb.

Loved it!

Aravindan said...

And i am really jealous of the freedom you guys get in blogspot templates. Me and my stupid wordpress!

And why is that sad smiley tailing chaaru's name? Have you read his works?

Vignesh said...

:), Thanks

Like Morrie and Albom(Tuesdays ppl) we r the 90's counterparts!!a nd yes we grow older but the soul searches for solace in the memories of childhood!!

Thanks man,better get a .blogspot acc, i always prefered blogger and i have read charu, somehow i feel he is a bit arrogant, the smiley gives me different meanings and hate is definitely not among that:)

raj said...

If you get a chance, watch this malayalam movie called "Moonampakkam (On the Third day)", a tad sorrowful , but one i cherish as a greatly scripted movie. Directed by Padmarajan, it has Thilakan acting as the grandfather of Jayaram who visits him after a decade.

Your post reminded me the movie.

Prabhakar said...

Fine piece. I was transported.

uma kumar said...

hi vignesh,
u rekindled my childhood memories too the visits to my native,....the relatives,paddy fields ..stories
and ofcourse the rain..and the mud

you should be writing
not just for a blog
or already have a book in u?

Sridhar V said...

I'm searching for words to define the post. It's simply brilliant. Hopefully, you should be writing a book of your own. Its hightime you do that. This has been the best of the post i've read in Amazwi.

'the well in which the moon sleeps in the night'. I loved this line especially.

Right from the beginning of Amazwi, I've noticed your transition as a writer. When the first blog made me awed to your writing, this one makes me dumbstruck.I mean no words.

Just a question. Why weren't you like this in college? Or din't I know you well enough at that time !! ??

Anyways, Kudos to Vignesh !!!!

Vignesh said...

thanks bro, happy that it reminded u somethin, and adding it to "thoovanathumbigal"... u got some torrent address to it?

"Transported" that is the essence of writing something..Thanks a lot

Really happy that the post brought u back those memories...worth cherising.And a book??no idea till date!! just wrote it out of the moment!!, i am not sure if i can do justice book!! but it may someday:)

Thanks a lot da...and i was just a loneley thinker when i was out of our web!! A lonely thinker for years now he has got this new work to do... write!!

Animated Junk said...

Just like a cattle tied to the pole, I think we are all tied to our childhood memories we always graze for life near the pole of childhood.
very true. the childhood days give u a nostalgic happy yet a sad feelin. the best days of life for anyone.
I don't fear death coz I know that My best days were already lived....well said

awesome description, vivid,lively, ur writin jus feels like watchin it happen in front of the eyes.

VV said...

Very well written. Explained well and literally transports readers to the scene. Good work.

Revathi said...

That was beautiful. At the end of this post i could almost feel the heavy rain lash down!!
beautiful. you have a gift man!! a wonderful gift!!
i envy the effortless ease with which u write!! lovely!! :)

Vignesh said...

@ Junk
The cattle thing, am still wondering what made me say that? i am still wondering about the thousand hidden meanings that it conveys in me!!
thanks a lot archana(right?), thanks for dropping in:)

@ VV
Thanks buddy:)

@ Revs
Hmm... so got drenched uh??:)
Gift ellam romba periya vaarthai, and "i envy the effortless ease with which u write!!" look who is speaking?,know what i quit my CH1 blog acc. envying you!!

Thanks a lot for visiting:)

Prabhakar said...

Only a writer can envy another writer! Its results are quite positive, often raising the quality of your own writing. The creative moment is very exhilarating and is its own reward. I write for that feeling and because of that.

Revs said...

You are kidding me!!! :O:O
you have/had a blog on ch1 and i dont/didnt know about it??:O:O
Gimme ur id RIGHT NOW!!!:D

Prince Charming said...

Hi...thanks for your comments

Ganga Rudraiah said...

I love your "i-Remember" lines. You can't say it better than with just a plain "I-remember" nor does it get it repetitive. Nice. It strings people together.

Vignesh said...

"The creative moment is very exhilarating and is its own reward. I write for that feeling and because of that"

TRUE! living the moment is more important than capturing it!

@Prince charming
Hi...thanks for your comments LOL!!

i thought it was a bit monotonous now i know it is not!

Anonymous said...

hi Vignesh,
I know i am late in commenting...but it was only today that i got in here. I am awed reading what u have written. U weave beautifully with words and I just loved it. Just a thought - if u could write so magnificently about yesterday and today, y dont u write about a blissful tomorrow..

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