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Friday, August 22, 2008

TN 38 AB 8877

A guest post by my bike!

Hey guys my name is TN 38 AB 8877, I come from the Yamaha RX 135 family. If you are a guy and if u ride bikes then you should have heard about me. I was the heartthrob of men during the 90's. I was the popular figure at the college arena, at the racing circuit and even in films i was with the hero helping him in rescuing the heroine, and chasing and dishooming the baaad-men. I was everywhere, Every man in India wished he could own an Yamaha some day. I was the undisputed king of the biking circuit for more than a decade. Then fate played its game, the government banned me in the year 2005 citing that i caused a lot of pollution.I was one of the last few RX 135's produced in the nation. The truth that i will be the last RX 135 to go out of the factory did hurt me. I left my factory in Pune with pride about my past and dreams about my future and traveled down south to a small showroom in an urban town called Coimbatore.

I was there standing in the showroom, eagerly waiting for the prince who will own me. I wished he came soon and released me from this prison of walls, i wished we both could fly at 120km/hr speeds, i started to dream about him, i couldn't wait to see him. One fine day i was cleaned and dusted, i knew my prince has arrived, they polished me, i was fitted with all my accessories and i looked stunning and macho. And finally he came. :( GOD I wanted to shout "NOOOOOOOOOO!!". He was not my prince he looked like a dumb-ass!! I was crying but no one heard me, he came by my side he touched me and i felt like YUCK! He even kissed me on my tank, i wanted to yell " Hey moron please wash your teeth first and then come near me". But i had no other options, i was forced to move out with him. With this idiot on my back i started my long journey.(I later learnt that this moron did have a name... Vicky @ Vignesh but for me he always remains a moron!!)

Have you ever seen a lion from the jungle, caged at the circus amidst monkeys, now that was my initial days. This guy i suppose had never ridden a bike before and his first stint was with me!!.GOD This was like a kid dating on Mallika sherawat.Initially he did maintain me well, he was too proud owning me. but as time passed by i came to meet the sadist in him, He never washed me, never took me to a good service,never took me to a race track, never put petrol for >20rs, and the most important of all he never made a pretty girl sit on my pillion:(. All that i got was men, men with huge bums, men with tiny bums and even men with smelly bums!!! But not a single girl even once!!!(and that is why i call him a loser, i even doubt he will remain one till the end). Not just that he would frequently lend me to men who looked like the Yes-boss villains of tamil cinema, they were equally shitty, and were no better than my moron boss!. At times this guy even endangered my life, once he ran me over a street dog(Waht a shame!!), i survived with bruises all over me! And this guy escaped unhurt!. the second time looking at a pretty girl and doing cheap stunts he drove me directly into a light-post, my body was disfigured but still he escaped unhurt! Finally he brought me to chennai, God this place is shit!!!Look around the traffic, the people, the dust,the pollution, the huge bellied police man, ahh this place sucks!!. And when i see all these Pulsars and Apaches which project themselves rather than the driver i just feel like inviting them for a goddamn race, my blood would boil to show what is it like to be a Yamaha. But see i am not so gifted :(

So you wonder why i am so cynical with him?? Not that he is tooo bad, i know he loves me, we have spent some great times together, racing out pulsars and unicons, trying to impress girls and getting busted, unforgettable trips to ooty driving at breakneck speeds, we both prefer being the darkhorse, he has refused an offer to sell me even as the buyer was ready to pay more than the cost price!now i too have some soft corner him. But why this? coz I lost my kick-starter a month back, when one of his friends who had a leg like a dinosaur and brain like a chimp kicked me on the wrong angle!!! I was fractured and made to stand at a dusty corner of the portico. For nearly a month this owner-moron has not even cared to take me to a mechanic, i have started to rust! Soon i will become extinct, and little he cares , so guys if u got to read this plz plz ask him to take me for a repair.And also warn him that the next time when he does cheap stunts and drives me into a light post i will make sure that he will fly like a frog in slow-mo and the girls around will laugh at him, and i will get away unhurt. I am damn serious, do warn him.


raj said...

Man, RX 125. Those were the toast of town those days. Have you heard the sound those bikes generate?. Thats music man.

RX 125 has been, and still is my all time fav vehicle. Class, that is.

Milinta said...

Do you really treat your bike so badly?? :O I'm sure I can almost hear him cry!! There's always this everlasting love between men and bikes, no? I'm yet to meet one man who doesn't go all dreamy eyed at the mention of the very word.. Great post as usual(This time it's your bike's post, so do convey it to him!)

uma kumar said...

Pl take the bike for repair or else it ll go to Court asking for action /compensation for illtreatment
Milinta is rite about bikes and men.
It is as good as ur gfs.

The Seeker said...

Me. Neva owned a bike till now, all i had was my bro's street car, we indeed ruled the streets atleast, then mu own ranger swing 18 gear!! me second to get in the town and then a very old pathetic TVS 50, none of my schoolmates will forget it!!! And of cos, My friends all been bike freaks!! the kind of stunts and stints they get into,,, God, But I love my bro biking,,, Can never forget that...

ANd of cos I dont like guys who arent possesive abt bikes, well Guys its a bike and not a bi***...

And know what my bro got his Apache today....

Anu said...

You really need to take your bike to the mechanic, he really sounds depressed.. and maybe I can ask my single gal pals in chennai to ride with you to rid him of his misery with men all around.. but I must say Im suprised, your bike is a him , all my guy pals were theirs were girls..(hmm maybe thats why they treated their bikes well too :D )

Anu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vignesh said...

Bro, "Thats music man"... i dunno what it resembles maybe the roar of a lion, I LOVE IT. And no other thing can ever match that. no other bike can be identified just with the sound, except an RX...:)

Let him cry,I am not gonna convey that, we don't speak anymore:)

In a way it is right,there are men who don't crave for a GF but there is no man in the big wide world who doesnt crave for a bike,"It is as good as ur gfs"... at times it is better:p, thanks for visiting.

Macha it started with my BSA first and at high school i craved for a bike but all i got was a TVS(same pinch)... it took years for me to realize my dream.

"its a bike and not a bi***... "
lol...:)and convey my regards to ur bro da.. Apache is really good.

I always believed that my bike is a "HE"

"I can ask my single gal pals in chennai to ride with you to rid him of his misery with men all around"- Now thats good news for me,anu wherever you are my wishes stays with u:)-by TN38AB8877

Animated Junk said...

I thot u write well but ur bike seems to write better than u ;)

Kumar said...

i luv the way you wrote it... lots of expressions in it... keep writing more n more. b/w your blog on S.Ra dragged me here, i luv that too.

Vicky a.k.a Vignesh said...


does he? hmmm i should have never let him write;)


thanks a lot buddy... ill def try to fill in ur expectations..:)

Anu said...

Tagged.. really waiting to read your response to it :D !

Arun said...

hi da...
isint that your old one which u used in school..the 50:10 prototype of honda CBR..named TVS superXL also had a very sad story to talk about u...

luckily these are the ones which do not intend to take a revenge...

drive safely

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